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Water that is filled with contaminants, toxins, and has a low pH (acidic) is the wrong kind of water. Tap water and many bottled waters are the wrong kind of water for those reasons. What can the wrong kind of water do to you?


Did you know that the water you drink today could be causing serious diseases in your body? The ‘purified’ and ‘filtered’ water that is widely available today is one of the most important causes of the declining health of our population. There are several reasons as to why our most trusted sources of water are slowly destroying our health. Here are some of them:

• Toxic: Many tap and bottled waters are rife with impurities Municipal water facilities do not remove all contaminants from water. Worse yet, many municipalities add chlorine or chloramines to their water to kill bacteria. Studies of bottled water reveal that many of them are nothing more than bottled tap water.

• Low (Acidic) pH: Contributes to low pH which may lead to health problems Your body maintains its blood supply in a range of 7.35 - 7.45 pH. Acidic water makes your body deplete its alkaline buffer to maintain pH balance. It does this by pulling calcium from the bones and elsewhere. Acidic water also causes your body to absorb toxic minerals like mercury, instead of healthy minerals like calcium.

• Oxidizing: Positive ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) promotes free radical tissue damage  Oxidants in the body promote the formation of free radicals, which are associated with disease and premature aging.

• Hard to Absorb: Large water molecule clusters must be broken down in the body before they can be absorbed by the various tissues and organs of the body. Ordinary water contains mineral compounds like calcium bicarbonate, which can be hard for the body to absorb. The large clusters of Water molecules are too large for the tiny ‘Aquaporins’ or Water channels of the cell in our body. The mineral compounds in ordinary water are also hard to break down and be absorbed in our cells because of the irregular shape and structure of the large water clusters.

• Lacks Minerals: Reverse osmosis, de-ionized, and distilled waters rob your body of essential minerals Water is known as “the universal solvent.” When you drink water that lacks minerals, it will dissolve them from your body! This means that the wrong kind of water can actually rob your body of nutrition, and cause serious health problems.


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