Buder Water


MyBooster brings to you a carefully curated selection of products as the Exclusive Distributor of Buder Products in the Indian Subcontinent. Buder Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. was founded in 1970 with an ideology of maintaining integrity as their primary Marketing Technique.

For More Than 48 Years, Buder Has Been Continuously Innovating The Most Energy Efficient And Environment Friendly Alkaline Water Purification Systems with unparalleled customer service and quality. With Millions Of Satisfied Customers Worldwide, Buder has an Intercontinental Presence and a large user base in Countries Like USA, UK, Japan And China.

Buder develops Patented Technology with Designs from Kyushu Hitachi Maxell, Japan and operates globally now.

Certified Member- Water Quality Association, Illionis, USA (wqa.org) Certified ISO 13485 Manufacturer Of Medical Grade Devices Certified ISO 9001 Manufacturer Of Water Purification Machinery Certified Compliant With CE Regulations BSMI Product Certification And Registration


State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility

Buder’s Hi-Tech Manufacturing Division Designed for high volume Production with an Extensive and integrated Testing Facility which ensures proper quality control

With a State of The Art Manufacturing Facility and Patented Technology from Hitachi Maxell Ltd, Buder Water Co. is certified by world renowned organizations for their quality products.


Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology provides a unique blend of efficiency and innovation for the Modern User and their varied requirements

All of Buder’s Products are made with the End User in mind, and developed using the most cutting edge technological advancements. Buder is a prime maker of Alkaline Water Ionizers with the best energy efficiency and highest Antioxidant Content. 


46 Years of Technological Superiority

Emphasis on developing new technology and patents has driven Buder Water Co. throughout the years and propelled them to the top of the Water Purification sector.

With more than half a century’s worth of Experience in the industry and countless Technology Patents under their belt, Buder Water Co. leads the Water Purification Sector with countless achievements and awards


Patented Technology

Alkaline Water Ionizers made by Buder International Co. dominate the market with their Patented Processes and Technological Innovation

Platinum Fine Coating process and Unique Reverse Cleaning Design makes these Ionizers Efficient and reliable. User Friendly Interface and Multiple Adjustment Levels make these Ionizers perfect for all kinds of household applications and Health boosting benefits.