Direct Selling

MyBooster enables individuals to achieve financial success by making more people aware of their health and allowing them to take control of their own wellness.


Empowering Entrepreneurs through the years


Direct Selling has always been a leading provider of self-employment and entrepreneurship in India. The millions of people empowered by Direct Selling to establish a profitable business have flourished and emerged as successful entrepreneurs and the Indian Direct Selling Economy/Industry has grown along with them.

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Low Risk, High Growth Opportunities


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Direct Selling is a key contributor to the rising entrepreneurial spirit in India. The only investment that is needed to start is effort, time and skills. MyBooster’s unique compensation plan is the perfect blend of authentic and premium products coupled with a lucrative business opportunity. The MyBooster compensation plan offers scalability as well as flexibility; our entrepreneurs can choose how much time they want to invest.

Premium Products for Privileged Users


Retail Marketing and Traditional Sales methods are not sufficient for MyBooster’s range of high quality products. What we require is a personal connect between the sellers, buyers and users. We believe that people who use our products and recommend them to others deserve a fair share of the revenue generated by them.

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Be in a class of your own


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With Direct Selling, individuals have not only succeeded financially, but have witnessed a new phase of life in terms of their status, standing and prestige in society. Our entrepreneurs have been introduced into elite social circles and groups which enabled them to enjoy and celebrate the finer things in life, apart from our world leading products!

When we grow, our Family grows with us


The MyBooster Community building program is designed for high growth, meaning that as your sales grow, your income grows in proportion. When you become an entrepreneur with MyBooster, others see you succeed and become interested in your business. MyBooster allows you to introduce individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship at no investments costs, to maximize your sales and build a dedicated networking team.

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