Nano Technology Based Nutritional Supplement Sprays


 Nutritional Supplements are vital for health and fitness in today’s nutrient-starved world. But have we ever stopped to wonder how much of our daily multivitamin pills are actually being absorbed in our body?

According to investigative research, most forms of taking Nutritional Supplements are inefficient, and as a result they fail to produce any remarkable benefits for the body in terms of health.

The Oral Nano-Supplement Sprays are manufactured with premium ingredients in an FDA and CGMP approved Facility in Arizona, USA. These sprays have a demonstrated absorption rate of upto 93% in the body.  

FortiVitum offers Oral Sprays for a variety of applications, including the MultiVitamin blend which offers a concentrated mixture of micro-nutrient that are most often ignored in the modern diet and lifestyle.

Oral Spray Health Supplements by FortiVitum®


Observing the vast number of diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies in India, MyBooster has obtained exclusive distribution access for a range of Oral Spray Supplements from FortiVitum.

These sprays are designed and manufactured using nano-technology to deliver the nutrients directly into the body’s bloodstream with a high concentration of active ingredients.

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