MyBooster’s access to the Exclusive Distributorship of one of the best Beauty and Skin Care brands in the world brings you SCBI (Stem Cell Beauty Innovators) from the USA 



In 2009, Founder Robin Gray experienced the Healing And Anti-Aging Powers Of Stem Cells, first hand. To share her rejuvenating experience with others, Robin established Stem Cell Beauty Innovators, with a range of skin-care products using protein-rich stem cells. 

How We Came To Be…


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Said Robin,

“My goal is to change the science of skincare to become more natural, so we can have a partnership between science and nature. I want to create the best products to heal the skin and make it look more radiant.”

Only the Finest Organic Ingredients on the planet are carefully selected to serve as the foundation for SCBI’s products, which are manufactured in FDA Registered Labs In New Zealand.

SCBI’s Products have been featured and praised in widely circulated magazines and publications such as Allure Magazine, and the DailyMail(UK), and endorsed by famous Celebrities Like Lady Gaga, James Franco And Chris Pratt.

SCBI is One of the few Stem Cell Brands that offers the miraculous benefits of Stem Cells in a completely Natural and Vegan Stem Cell Extract from Rare Swiss Apples. SCBI has pioneered the extraction of potent Stem Cells from natural sources and blended them in superior formulations to give you the best healing and anti-aging experience.

Vegan Stem Cell Lin


A unique blend of carefully selected natural ingredients comprise our PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica vegan stem cell product line, formulated especially for those who prefer plant-based ingredients.

Our scientifically proven and highly effective formula infuses rich protein into the deepest layers of the skin, helping skin cells to regenerate and rejuvenate. It promotes dramatic enhancements to your skin tone and texture, lightening and healing the skin, and actively reversing the signs of aging.

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SCBI’s most effective and potent Stem Cell Extracts are obtained from superior quality sheep that are ethically raised to provide the best Stem Cell Extracts. These sheep are raised in New Zealand because of strict laws overseeing the ethical and humane treatment of animals in the country.

Science-Backed Innovation


Introducing the most advanced anti-aging and age reversal line of Stem Cell Products formulated using our BioCellTec™ proprietary process.

BioCellTec™ is the most nutrient rich and potent form of stem cell extract available today.

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Natural. Scientific. Effective.


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We partner with laboratories dedicated to preserving and healing beautiful skin, creating a perfect union of nature and science.

We believe that a powerful relationship between science and nature has uncovered how we can best prevent and treat illness, bolster energy, and improve general health and wellbeing. Nature-based science has shown us to turn to our natural surroundings to find the source of healthy living and discover our true vitality.

Mission Statement


“Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, luxury, anti-aging skin products that rejuvenate skin from the inside out, and restore a natural glow.

We are committed to quality: our products are all-natural and organic, created with our promise of extreme care for nature, and the best results for our customer.”